Enterprise-grade barcode scanning applications and cloud based data collection systems

Save Money, Save Space, Improve Accuracy with Multi-Function Barcodes

April 21, 2016 Uncategorized
Barcode scanning app for iOS and Android devices with integrated, cloud-based web service  helps enterprises improve asset tracking, anti-counterfeiting, product recalls, asset maintenance, inventory audits and event or facility access control. Multi-Function barcode and NFC reading technology is designed to capture, parse and validate specifically targeted data embedded within a single barcode or tag. The technology [...]

QuickBase Webinar – Barcode Scanning Apps

October 27, 2015 codeREADr
Hello - I’m Rich Eicher Sr., a founding member of the codeREADr Team. I have a special announcement to share ... codeREADr was recently recruited to be a strategic partner by Intuit QuickBase. Who is Intuit? It’s the same globally recognized company that makes TurboTax and QuickBooks. So what is QuickBase? Intuit QuickBase is a low code, cloud-based, [...]

Instant, On-Site Virtual Photo IDs

August 6, 2015 codeREADr

Android and iOS devices can instantly turn non-photo IDs into virtual photo IDs for visual verification anywhere there’s Internet connectivity. How? It’s simple. With the codeREADr app, scan the person’s barcode ID and then take their photo. Both the ID and photo are stored in real-time in the cloud. When scanned again by authorized app-users […]

Fast, accurate UID barcode scanning using iOS and Android devices

July 23, 2015 codeREADr

The use of iOS and Android devices has exploded in the enterprise space. Forward looking developers and IT departments are creating new revenue-generating and cost-saving services to track, validate, authenticate and collect data using these amazing devices. For asset tracking applications the use of iOS and Android devices can be particularly convenient and cost-saving. Why? Because […]

Shipment Tracking and Logistics with iOS and Android Devices

July 9, 2015 codeREADr

Now re-size the effective decoding frame on iOS and Android devices to selectively scan a targeted barcode among many other barcodes within the camera view. In addition to re-sizing you should select just the barcode types you plan on scanning. In that way scanning is faster and our decoding engine ignores the barcodes that you don’t […]

Scan Barcodes using PCs, Macs and Chromebooks

June 13, 2015 codeREADr

Update: codeREADr is now on the Chrome Web Store to download directly to Chromebooks. From time-to-time we get requests to run the codeREADr app on PCs and Macs, not just iOS and Android devices. Now you can – and in an easier way than installing Android emulators like BlueStacks or Genymotion. Google published the ARC Welder tool enabling developers to […]

Professionally scan barcode data into QuickBase tables

May 21, 2015 codeREADr

App-users can scan, validate and post barcode data, timestamps, GPS locations, photos and form data using iOS and Android cameras – no scanning accessories are required.  Today we launched a Postback URL tool allowing captured data to be automatically inserted into QuickBase – a customizable, third-party database service hosted in the cloud. We aim to improve data […]

Leveraging Attendance Data – Case Study

March 27, 2015 codeREADr

” … more than 100,000 hours of current combined study time data from nearly 10,000 unique students is utilized in 1st year program research and other university retention and engagement studies.” [This is a follow-up to the original case study.] The Holman Success Center at Eastern Michigan University (EMU) began utilizing codeREADr’s services in the […]

codeREADr presented to the IASC

March 13, 2015 codeREADr

Supporting dignified choices – ‘Paper Plus’ cash voucher programming in camps in Jordan On March 4, 2015 the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) addressed the Inter Agency Standing Committee in Geneva, the foremost coordinating body in the humanitarian assistance sector and chaired by a UN High Commissioner, on the subject of their voucher projects in Jordan. […]

Validate Tickets Sold by Multiple Vendors

February 3, 2015 codeREADr

Event Promoters Merge Ticket and Voucher IDs into One Validation Database The use of ticket resellers is common in the ticketing industry. Most mainstream resellers coordinate their sales with the ticketing company responsible for the event. Using that model, all ticket IDs are stored in a single validation database. However, event promoters sometimes use non-integrated […]