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Access Control: Scan and Validate Tickets without the Internet

May 23, 2014 codeREADr


SimpleTix is a professional e-ticketing service provider and valued client. They recently published an excellent video showing how to use their platform with codeREADr to validate tickets when Internet connectivity is unstable.

What’s special is that SimpleTix makes ticket databases readily available to their customers. In the video they give simple and clear instructions on how to modify that database for uploading to codeREADr’s servers. When uploaded, the database is then available for downloading to codeREADr’s iOS and Android apps for on-site validation without Internet connectivity – we call it ‘on-device’ (offline) validation.

In this way SimpleTix customers can choose online validation – a standard SimpleTix offering – and now offline validation (or both).

After 5 years of supporting access control for over 100,000+events, we learned that clients should not assume there will be stable Internet access at the event’s actual point of entry. We advise to verify connectivity before the event and, if it only has 3G/4G network connectivity, consider what could happen when a large crowd of smartphone-toting attendees arrive.

If an app user is using an online service and connectivity becomes unstable, the app will save the scans on the device, but without validating them. But the app user is at least recording scanned tickets and checking for duplicates scanned by that device. When connectivity is restored, the scans are uploaded to our server (and to the SimpleTix server) for review.

What many of our clients do is offer both an online and on-device service to their customers if their customer has no way of verifying connectivity before the event. In that way the client has a choice of starting with online or offline scanning. While scanning to an online database is the ideal choice, on-device validation is a close second because it not only catches invalid tickets but also checks for duplicates scanned by that device and can be periodically synced with the server.

Kudos to SimpleTix for a job well done.